Vekla | Off White
Vekla | Off WhiteVekla | Off WhiteVekla | Off WhiteVekla | Off White


An elegant, well built sneaker that will quickly become your favorite pair of shoes. The high quality, soft uppers on these sneakers are made from leather that comes from some of the most reputable and respected tanneries in Italy. But there’s a twist. The leather is tanned using a technique that requires less water and a lower use of heavy chemicals, and emits less CO2. I believe this is the way to move forward, incorporating sustainability without diminishing the quality nor the beauty of the product.

When you look at the tip of the shoe from the side, you can judge the sneaker’s profile. Sleek, isn’t it? This is no easy feat, as the rubber, genuine of course, needs to wrap over the tip of the shoe and be stitched into place.

What you don’t see is on the inside of the shoe. Padding, cushioning, vegetable tanned leather lining and leather reinforcements, to keep your feet comfortable all day long.


Upper leather Chrome free Italian soft calf leather. Chrome free tanning requires less water, fewer chemicals and results in lower CO2 output.

Lining leather Chrome free Italian soft calf leather lining. The absence of chrome is better for your skin as well as the environment.

Outsole | Rubber outsole sourced from Margom, a benchmark in the industry.

Insole Removable insole lined with chromium free Italian soft calf leather lining.

Heel reinforcement | Leatherboard heel counter.

Laces Thick, 100% bio-cotton laces sourced from Italy.

Eyelets | Reinforced eyelets on the interior.

Padding Padding around the ankle and across the instep.

Shank | Steel shank for essential foot support  

Construction Assembled in the Marche region from Italy.

All Vekla shoes follow the European sizing system, and come in whole sizes only. We recommend you to take the same size as your regular (dress) shoes, and to size down one full size from your running shoes (Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc.). If you own sneakers that use Margom rubber soles, we recommend you to take the same size. If you fall in between sizes, we recommend you to size down.

Please find below a conversion table that can help you to determine your size in Vekla shoes.

Feel free to contact us for any size related question at, or through the contact page here.

We do our best to provide the best possible service to our customers. We only ship through one of our reliable partners, and use a fully trackable and insured service. Our aim is to offer you the best shipping rate possible.

Benelux (1 business day): free shipping & free exchange.

Europe ( 1 business day): 15€ shipping & free exchange.

United States (2 business days): 20€ shipping

World (3-4 business days): 25€ shipping

If you would like to return your sneakers, we can offer a refund if your sneakers are returned to us in unworn condition, in their original packaging, within 28 days of delivery. When you decide to return your order to us, please notify us by email of your return, and send the shoes to us with trackable service. Stock permitting, we would of course also be happy to exchange your sneakers for a different size.

The same conditions apply to the pre-order. Returns are possible within 28 days of receiving your shoes. Stock permitting, we would be happy to exchange your sneakers for a different size.

Return shipping for an exchange within the European Union is free of charge.

Lining leather: calf leather from European cattle, chrome-free tanned in Marche, Italy by Conceria Prealpina. Upper leather: soft calf leather from European cattle, chrome-free and metal-free tanned in Veneto, Italy by Conceria Prealpina. Sole: Genuine rubber sole made in Marche, Italy by Margom S.p.A. Heel counter: leatherboard heel counter, origin unknown. Laces: 100 bio-cotton laces produced in Marche, Italy. Manufacturing: all materials cut, sewn and assembled in Marche, Italy. Shoe bags: 100% raw bio-cotton, cut and sewn in Veneto, Italy.

Low, elegant profile.

The shape of the sneaker, and the toe in particular, was our primary focus when we set out to design our own sneaker. We wanted the toebox to sink into the sole, and be as elegant as possible when looked at from all angles. The walls of the rubber sole wrap around the toebox, so that the profile follows an elegant curve.

Thick, 100% cotton laces.

Thick laces are a must for any sneaker. Ours are made from 100% bio-cotton, spun and twisted near to the production factory in Marche, Italy. An unmistakable detail of quality.

Margom rubber sole.

A benchmark in the industry and well known for the quality and durability of their rubber soles, we source our soles directly from Margom.

Quality reinforcements.

First and foremost, we are shoe developers. Developing and producing shoes is what we know best, and we have taken a very important detail from traditional shoemaking and copied it to our sneakers. The heel counter, or the reinforcement on the inside of the heel, is made from leatherboard instead of the more commonly used and cheaper thermoplastic. Leatherboard will mould itself better to your foot in and increase the comfort drastically.

Chrome free leather.

The future of tanning. All of the leather that we use is a by product of the meat industry, and comes from domestically reared cattle. The leather is tanned using a cutting edge technique that requires less water, a lower use of chemicals and produces less CO2.