1. What is a pre-order and why are the sneakers offered as one?

Essentially, a pre-order is an order placed for an item before it is released. It took us more than one year to create the perfect sneaker, and now it is time to get it off the ground. Our partners in Italy ask for relatively large minimum order quantities, common in the industry. The pre-order will run until the end of April, in which time we hope to receive as many pre-orders as possible.

2. When does the pre-ordere close?

The pre-order will close on Thursday, April 30th. Everyone who pre-ordered a pair of sneakers will receive frequent updates throughout the entire time, up until delivery.

3. What is the delivery time for the sneakers?

Delivery is expected on September 15. This allows for us to put the order in production, and align the different production partners. Soles, leather for the upper and lining, laces, boxes all need to be purchased and delivered to the factory in Marche, Italy, after which production can start. We do not want to rush our production partners, as mistakes are expensive and we believe in the idea of doing things well, not fast.

Vekla offers you a timeless sneaker to wear year-round in a number of different settings (from casual to smart). While we understand that a September delivery might seem long, please know that this is a pair of carefully developed, beautifully constructed sneakers that will last you many years. we kindly ask for your patience, you will not be dissapointed.

4. What shipping options do you offer?

We use two main partners for getting our sneakers safely to customers. Prior to starting Vekla, we successfully ran two different online stores, so we have adequate experience in fulfilling orders.

We use Bpost International Post for all domestic orders, and for those customers that can not accept courier mail (such as customers in Russia, for example). Besides Bpost, we use DHL as our main partner to ship parcels internationally.

These are the shipping costs and delivery times for all regions:

  • Benelux (1 business day): free shipping & free exchange.
  • Europe ( 1 business day): 15€ shipping & free exchange.
  • United States (2 business days): 20€ shipping
  • World (3-4 business days): 25€ shipping

5. What payment options do you offer?

Vekla accepts all major credit card payments, through our partners Paypal and Stripe. Our partners ensure a safe, risk-free environment to handle payments.

6. What if the shoes don't fit, can we return them or exchange for a different size?

Of course, our main goal is for our customers to be completely satisfied with their product. We vouch for the quality of all our products, and have tried to represent the product truthfully through pictures and descriptions on our website. Our extensive size guide should help you pick the right size.

If you would like to return your sneakers, we can offer a refund if your sneakers are returned to us in unworn condition, in their original packaging, within 28 days of delivery. When you decide to return your order to us, please notify us by email of your return, and send the shoes to us with trackable service. Stock permitting, we would of course also be happy to exchange your sneakers for a different size. 

Our return address is:

TBINTRADE GCV, Grotesteenweg 91, 2600 Berchem, Belgium.

For full terms and conditions, please click here.