VEKLA | White Calf Vintage


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We combined our love for beautiful, high quality leather with one of our best sellers since introduction, the Vekla Low Top sneaker. It is a merger of two worlds, not often seen but one that leads to an incredibly stunning result. 

The uppers are made from full grain, soft Italian calfskin leather that we source through a tannery close to the production facility. It is a tannery we, and our production partner have been working with for a long time and they offer a high quality, smooth calfskin leather that will age beautifully.

Some of our customers have asked us what Vekla is. Vekla is a sister brand of Sons of Henrey, with the same ideals and principles but geared toward more casual shoes. The Vekla Low Top sneaker is an elegant, well built sneaker that will quickly become your favorite pair of shoes. The sneakers feature generous padding, cushioning, a vegetable tanned leather lining and leather reinforcements, to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

One of the most unique features of the Low Top sneaker is the use of a leather board heel counter, the same material we use for our Sons of Henrey shoes. Almost every brand out there uses a cheap, hard and uncomfortable thermoplastic heel cup, yet we chose to go with leather board. Our Italian factory has a long heritage of producing Goodyear welted shoes before it ventured off into sneakers, so we had no effort in convincing them to use leather board for our sneakers.

When you look at the tip of the shoe from the side, you can judge the sneaker’s profile. Sleek, isn’t it? This is no easy feat, as the rubber, genuine of course, needs to wrap over the tip of the shoe and be stitched into place.

Our rubber outsoles are sourced from Margom, A benchmark in the industry and well known for the quality and durability of their rubber soles. The insole is removable and lined with vegetable tanned leather.