Sustainable Leather: Our Tanneries

At Vekla, our mission is to design clothes that make you look good, and feel great. In an effort to help build a more sustainable future, we want to change the way leather is produced, sourced and used in every step of the design process.

We source all calfskin leather from some of the most reputable and respected tanneries in Italy. Many of these tanneries are family-owned, small and medium sized enterprises with a strong local connection and are an important creator of employment in the region. One of such tanneries is Gruppo Dani, a full cycle and sustainable tannery from Italy operating since 1950, who we visited on our last trip to Lineapelle:

Dani Tannery Sustainable Leather

Dani SpA is one of the most sustainably managed tanneries in the world, with the entire chain of production taking place in Italy. From the efficient management of natural resources, to the safe recovery of by-products and waste, Dani SpA paves the way to create a socially responsible industry. For our suede leather, we partner with Sciarada Industria Conceria, and with the Prealpina Tannery for our selection of chrome free calf.

These tanneries have been pioneers in their field when it comes to producing a more sustainable type of leather, thanks to a substantial rethinking of the tanning technology cycle. Both the Sciarada Industria Conceria and Dani SpA have received the ISO 14001 certification, the international standard that specifies requirements for an effective environmental management system. Dani SpA has also been awarded the prestigious Gold Medal from the Leather Working Group (LWG).


We could not have asked for any better partners that were willing to join us on our journey towards a better future, and look forward to creating more products with their offer of sustainable leather.